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Dispute Resolution

Global experience Dispute Resolution


This policy must be read in conjunction with the dispute resolution clauses contained within (i) Global experience Homestay Contract with Education Providers and Educational Agents and (ii) The terms and conditions agreed between Global experience and the Homestay Host. Those clauses follow the procedure outlined below.


Our policy is to seek to listen carefully and resolve disputes and act on any complaints received. When a dispute or complaint arises, we will act on it immediately and seek to resolve it amongst the initial parties involved.


1. Discussion amongst initial parties to the dispute 1.1 In the first instance, the parties to the dispute will discuss the dispute to attempt, in good faith, to reach agreement or otherwise resolve the dispute.

1.2 The initial discussion will take place between the persons involved in the initial dispute, and on the phone.

2. Referral of dispute

2.1 Where the dispute in not resolved under (1), the matter will be referred to the Chief Executive Officer of Global experience who will assist in the process of resolution.

2.2 If the dispute is not resolved within five working days of referral to the Chief Executive Officer, if may be referred to an appropriate dispute resolution authority such as Fair Work Australia or Fair Trading NSW.

3. Referral to external alternative dispute resolution

3.1 If the dispute is not resolved under (1) or (2) or if any part to the dispute refuses to engage in the dispute process, the matter may be referred to an external alternative dispute resolution authority by a party to the dispute.

3.2 The parties will be bound by any recommendation to resolve the dispute, made by the alternative dispute resolution authority.

4. Recording of complaint/dispute

4.1 In continually seeking to improve our business, Global experience will record the complaint or dispute on its complaints/disputes register. If required, we will implement changes to our policies and procedures to avoid a reoccurrence. This will be discussed and agreed upon at a team meeting.