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Global Experience is dedicated to providing memorable moments for all its hosts, students and visitors.

We LoveWe share the love around the globe

When you invest in your safe, comfortable and convenient accommodation option through Global Experience, you are not only helping yourself, but you are also helping support women and children in developing nations and much more.

Our current partners:


We love KIVA as we hold very similar vision, believing in a world where everyone, even in the most remote areas of the globe, holds the power to create better opportunities for themselves and others.

With as little as $25 you make a life changing loan to other entrepreneurs to help them create opportunity for themselves, their families and communities and alleviate poverty throughout the world.


NO MAS NIÑOS CON HAMBRE (No More Hungry Children)

This group was born out of the need to assist so many children that are suffering hunger, cold and an immense lack of love. Children that do not live too far from a city but they lack the basic daily needs. They are the forgotten, the abandoned children.

This group does not hold any type of political or religious flag, we are all humans wanting to make a difference where needed the most. We know we might not change the world but we know we can improve the world and the heart of the ones that deeply suffer and long for love.

We do not only collaborate with boxes of food, clothing and toys; but also offer an infinite treasure chest full of love and hope. Everyone is welcome in this crusade!!!