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Global Experience is dedicated to providing memorable moments for all its hosts, students and visitors.


About UsWho are we

Global Experience was founded in 1999, it all started with Sonia Ortega’s dream. Wanting to make a difference in people’s lives and what better way of combining all of her past skills and experience in Counselling, Mediating, Social Work, Business Management and Auditing plus her love for Australia and cultures of the world. Sonia’s dream attracted a group of young dedicated people that also wanted to make a difference somehow, they all came from different parts of the world, and they had all been International students themselves. From a dream to a reality, Global Experience team was born to provide services where students can receive extra assistance and support while theyperform well in their studies and have a positive experience in Australia.

Our Team Behind the scenes

Sonia Ortega  Founder and Managing Director


Our founder Sonia B. Ortega was born in Argentina, migrating to Australia in 1979, she arrived with her husband, 2 toddlers and 4 suitcases full of dreams. When she arrived into the country, she did not speak English at all. Sonia fully understands the challenges you can encounter as an International Student and as someone new in the country. With this in mind, she decided to create Global Experience so students could find the right support and settle as quickly as possible in their new environment. Also she wanted to offer memorable moments in the services provided to promote how wonderful this country is! Sonia is passionate about personal and spiritual development and loves travelling, meeting people from around the world, movies, musicals, entertaining and spending quality time with family and friends.

Latest news: Sonia loves her family life and they have all just spent Christmas and New Year camping in the Southern part of New South Wales. Her husband of 38 years, 2 sons & wives plus their gorgeous 6 grandchildren, they all had a great time with plenty of adventures and tales to tell on their return.

Sonia prefers to start her mornings with a tall order of a “Soy Latte”

Luis Ortega  Business Development Manager


Luis is Sonia’s husband and they together migrated to Australia in 1979 from Argentina. He has successfully run many businesses especially in the building industry. Two years ago Luis suffered an unexpected illness and this made him reassess the stress levels in his own life. It was then that he decided to end all the other business ventures and join the Global Experience team. Here he is able to have fun while supporting us in developing further our business. Luis brings an open heart, a high level of people skills and a love for sweets. He is passionate about playing Golf and when he is not in the office, you can find him in the Golf Club.

Latest news: Watchout Adam Scott, Luis is now playing competition Golf! Good luck Luis!

He loves his morning “Soy Latte” but it must come with either a croissant or something sweet

Agnes Ong  Marketing Executive


Agnes was born in Indonesia and came to Australia in 1996. She completed Master of Tourism, Hospitality Management and Marketing in UNSW. She joined us in 2007 and has since become responsible for the Sales and Marketing Department. By working at Global Experience, Agnes understands more about people and their customs and she really enjoy her current role. Agnes is passionate about make-up, fashion, travelling, music and culture and is fluent in Indonesian and English.

Latest news: Angie loves travelling and it seems that Spain and Japan are in her books this year.

She does not drink a lot of coffee; her favourite drink throughout the working day is “warm water and lemon”, the jug sits every morning right next to the Green Tea.

Etsuko Yamada  Liaison Officer


Etsuko was born in Japan and came to Australia in 2005. She completed a Master in Applied Linguistics in UNSW. She joined us in 2006 and is responsible for placing all the students with the right Host Family, a “Grand” order and she does it very well!Her quiet manner and lively sense of humour blends in well with a natural eye for detail and precision.Etsuko is passionate about cultures, languages and photography; and is fluent in Japanese and English.

Latest news: Last year Etsuko travelled quite a lot; she visited family in Japan, in-laws in Colombia, South America and honey mooned throughout Europe with her husband Alex.

She loves teas; “Green Tea” a must in our office every morning, Etsuko prepares a big jug for all of us on a daily basis.

Nadia Donaldson  Caregiver Coordinator

It's a weekend, thank God! I'm on camera now, so come to Camvey and talk to me, and relax after work.


Nadia was born in Chile and came to Australia in the early 1980s. She joined Global Experience in 2004. Within the team and her circle of friends, Nadia is well known for having a good heart and soul. She is very caring, friendly and outgoing and these traits have made her the perfect person to fill the Caregiver role in our company.Nadia grows herself through self-development and spirituality and enjoys listening to opera and classical music. Nadia is also fluent in Spanish and English.

Latest news: Nadia and her partner Ian, just bought a gorgeous apartment in the Northern area of Sydney and she loves spending time in decorating her fabulous new place or playing with her young granddaughter.

She loves skim, weak cappuccino or as she calls it: “why bother”

Stone Du  Accounts


Stone was born in China and came to Australia in 2005. He joined Global Experience in 2009 and is responsible for all the Accounts Department. He has a Master of Business and Accounting and is very keen to grow and develop through the opportunities he gets at Global Experience. This is his first full-time job in Australia.Stone enjoys putting his hands and finding solutions for all our computers at the office, he loves computer games and chatting, also basketball and movies. He is fluent in Mandarin and English.

Latest news: Stone and his wife Amelia are very excited expecting their first baby in 2014!

No coffee orders for Stone, he does not like hot drinks

Our Experienceguarantees your comfort

The team spends a lot of time and resources in the process of securing a variety of potential accommodation options for you.

Our objective is to provide the best possible advice and options for somebody new to Australia and its unique culture.

Hosts are taken through a very thorough recruitment process,then homes are inspected and once we are sure these meet our proven standard of excellence you can be hosted by them.

Our large and varied number of hosts offers you the flexibility of committing for a few weeks to a few years and everything in between.

We are always there for you and in the case a challenge ever arise, our Team is responsive and works well to reach a workable solution for everyone involved.